Get ready to be dazzled at a show-stopping evening of Bingo, Prizes, and Dancing, hosted by none other than the Fabulous, Roxy Wood!

This enchanting event is exclusively for mature audiences aged 21 and older, ensuring an inclusive and thrilling experience for all. And the best part? Your ticket purchases go towards supporting LCFEF and counts towards your annual giving, making this a night of both fun and philanthropy!

*This event is for mature audiences only must be 21 and older to get attend.


Message from LCFEF: 

We want to take a moment to address all our school families, community supporters, business partners, and guests. LCFEF believes in celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and Roxy's participation as our Drag Queen host is a reflection of our commitment to embracing different forms of entertainment and creating an event that brings joy to everyone while raising much-needed funds!

If anyone has concerns or reservations about the organization's decision to have a Drag Queen host this event, we respect your right to hold differing opinions. We want to make it clear that attendance is entirely optional, and we want all attendees to feel comfortable and welcomed.

It's important to note that the decision to host this event was made democratically by the LCFEF board members, who conducted a vote resulting in the decision to hold this event for the third year in a row. We take pride in being an inclusive organization, and we firmly believe that diversity enriches our community.

Let's join hands in making this event a celebration of unity, joy, and support for our community's educational initiatives. We look forward to seeing all our wonderful guests, celebrating diversity, and creating cherished memories together!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

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